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A.N.T Homes has a wide variety of specialized services to offer, from Custom Home Building, renovations to Land development. The services we offer in residential design and development are all encompassing. We can start with the simplicity of helping you find the correct land to build your dream home or offering you land we have already developed in one of our communities around the Simcoe Country Region. You can find a short video on how we would start the this process of a Custom Home Build to keep manage the entire process for our clients keeping it under one roof.


Here are some easy links to help you with the planning process, give us a call today to help with this process as we have narrowed down the specialized items both “Our Shores Community Planning” and “Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority” require to build your dream home.

A.N.T. Homes New Home Builds

A.N.T. Homes is the custom home builder with heart.

We strive to go beyond customer satisfaction. At A.N.T. Homes, we get excited about the projects we take on and take pride in getting it right. This careful consideration is evident throughout the process and in every corner of the final product. We invest in your dream so you can rest easy.

Executive design & quality built homes A.N.T. Homes makes it simple.

Experienced, licensed and fully insured, we are the builders who do things right. We collaborate with our clients from day one and guide the process from concept to completion. We leave behind smiles and warranties and availability to assist you if any questions arise.

A.N.T. Homes transforms your custom home dreams into reality.

Our team of meticulous custom home builders – including project managers, creative designers, industry experts and highly qualified tradespeople – work in partnership with homeowners to bring your visions to life. Even the smallest details are chosen with care so the end result is flawless.

A.N.T. Homes makes it all about you.

At A.N.T. Homes, we understand your custom home is much more than a building to return to at night. We realize it is the culmination of years of visioning, planning and hard work that has rewarded you with the right to live and thrive in an environment that matches your lifestyle.
We cut through the red tape on your behalf. We do the research necessary to short-list suppliers and specialists from around the world. We handle the myriad of logistical complications all along the way so you can focus on making the choices you want to make.

An extraordinary custom homebuilder for extraordinary residential designs.

At A.N.T. Homes, we are the facilitator of your dreams and we take that responsibility seriously. We are with you each step of the way. There are no wrong questions or ideas or desires, there is only what’s right – for you.
Whether we work in consultation with you to develop a design, or you come with plans in hand, we listen carefully to what you have to say so we can guide the process along a path to the right destination: a home that meets your individual lifestyle, timing and budgeting needs.

A.N.T. Homes is committed to constructing custom homes with particular attention to quality, detail and function.

Your quality custom home builder proudly serving Barrie, Innisfil, Simcoe County and surrounding area for more than 20 years A.N.T. Homes has strong corporate values that translate into creating a trusting partnership with homeowners. We believe that people don’t just purchase a home but they purchase a lifestyle that A.N.T. Homes enhances through our commitment to value, trust and health. Innovative design, exceptional building materials, outstanding craftsmanship and abundant open spaces sets A.N.T. Homes above all competition.

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